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Testy Toddlers
August 5, 2017

Disciplining your toddler is necessary. I laugh as I write this because at the age of two I can’t imagine someone needing to enforce “the Big D”, discipline. If you think that magic time out chair in the corner is going to work, that’s even funnier. They only get over there and play and I’m sure this makes you more aggravated. Toddlers are going to push your buttons because they do not understand boundaries yet. Boundaries are the foundation of training up a child. Just think about it this way, you would spiral out of control if you were placed on a job and you knew nothing about it. Especially an astronaut or nuclear physicist. I am sure most of us did not take physics in high school … hope you’re getting my point.

Patience, consistency, and repetition will be the key tools to raising your child. These words are very important and you’re going to have to use them over and over. Making eye contact and explaining why certain things should or shouldn’t be done with your toddler is very important.

I know sometimes you may feel like you’re getting nowhere but trust me it is sinking in. It’s going to take a lot of time. Sometimes you may have to take away favorite toys and only reintroduce them after good behavior. They will get the point, trust me. Explain to them that their toys are unhappy when they’re chucked across the room, buried in the backyard, or drugged down the driveway. Toddlers know about sad and happy feelings. It’s their favorite toys we are talking about and toys are serious to toddlers. DON’T SAY IT UNLESS YOU MEAN IT…… make sure you plan on following through. If you don’t follow through, you only make yourself look and be the biggest joke in your child’s eyes …. take your time, you have this, just be the parent.

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