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Sleep Tight
July 16, 2017

Is everyone in the house sleep deprived because of a child that wakes up crying in the middle of the night? I have a few suggestions because I know the last thing you want to do is place them in your bed. The key here is to be consistent and patient with the process of getting your child to sleep through the night in their OWN room.

For infants, first sit in a comfortable chair in their room, DO NOT ROCK. Put a burp cloth on you so that it captures your smell. That way when you lay them down you can lay them on the burp cloth and they’ll think you’re still holding them. Hum so they can feel the vibration of the hum and the beat of your heart. Be sure to gently stroke them. Make sure you remain calm because they can absolutely sense your frustration.

For toddlers, if you have not already, you should invest in a youth bed that has a trundle underneath. Pick one that you like because you’re about to spend many nights there. Alter nights with your partner remember you’re in this together. When it is bed time, put them in their bed, and when they come to your room or begins crying for someone, walk them back to their bed and stay in the room with them. If they cry, remember that this has become a habit of something they want you to do in the night. This will pass, stay strong, and you got this! Parenting is chess not checkers! Just Be The Parent!

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