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Baby Body Bounce Back
August 25, 2017

This blog requires you as a mom to read it through reality lenses. No airbrushing, no spandex, no actress with a high metabolism, no magic juices this is just REALITY! Reality is unless you have some amazing genetics your body is not going to snap back as soon as you push out that baby. Gaining baby weight can be difficult for you to deal with while you’re pregnant so expect the weight struggle to be real after you have the baby. Your body has physically changed to accommodate growing life inside you. It may be off a few centimeters, pounds or even a shoe size. These are changes that you really have no control over. Now there are exceptions to the rule. Those women who fall under the exception should be supported just like those who are bound, damned and determined to hit their pre-pregnancy body.  I tip my hat to those moms being so regimented in setting goals to slide back into those jeans. I am not saying it can’t be done but as with everything it’s a process. There are a lot of factors that play into that process such as metabolism, genetics, hormones, emotional state, age, amount of sleep just to name a few. Listen I’m still working on my baby weight and my child is over 30 years old (I am laughing at myself).

Don’t beat yourself up! You just achieved a major miracle while going through some major body trauma. I suggest that you buy a few transitional pieces that help you in this in-between phase. Consider them as no pressure clothing items. It’s not a bad idea to find a motivation partner. This could easily be someone who has had a baby around the same time as you. You should definitely find that support and motivation in your partner. Partners please, please, please, don’t drag your partner because their body is not changing in the time frame that you deem necessary. If you’re a breastfeeding mother you have to continue to eat and eat healthy! Also, you should prepare for at least 12 months before you’re able to get back where you want to be. The reality is you have to keep it in perspective 9 months to gain and at least 9 months to lose. Just Be The Parent!

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